A Series of Porny Drabbles 7/?: KorrAsami

Not great and a bit longer than the other drabbles but ah well!

Rating: Light M

Pairing: Korra/Asami

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A Series of Porny Drabbles 6/?: Korroh
  • Rated: Light M
  • Pairing: Korra/Iroh II

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are you still continuing soiree?


Its been moved the the back burner for now. My Bosami feelz seem to have escaped for the moment but I will try my best to reel them back in and finish it. 

I’m pretty focused on Political right now, and I apologize to my followers who don’t like the Korroh pairing/story but I’m really enjoying writing it atm. I write for my own enjoyment so the pairing I write mostly depends on how I’m feeling at any given time. Also, my work has been keeping me busy lately so I’ve had less of a chance to write.

I do have an Equalist!Mako/Korra smut that I’ve started on but it may be a while before it gets posted. I also have two other Makorra stories that I’d like to write, a modern day AU and a 1920s America AU.

…And some porny drabbles for KorrAsami and Broh. It really just depends on how much time I have and which pairing calls to me when the time to write is available.


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Fic: Political 4/?
A/N: If you would rather read this at ff.net it is here

Rating: M overall this chapter is T

Pairing: Eventual Korra/Iroh

Description: The marriage would cause a distraction, a grand affair to enrapture the people and distract them from the changes their government was undertaking. A political marriage between two powers.

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 and 3

A/N: I really don’t want to rush this but I’d like to keep this story under 25 chapters if at all possible. So the occasional jump forward in time will occur. There will also be some humor in this chapter. It can’t all be angst and tear bending.


"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." -J.K. Rowling’s Dumbledore


Chapter 4

She put one foot in front of the other. Hours speeding into days until another two weeks had come and gone without her permission. Each day was a small step forward, a tiny ambulation towards acceptance. Acceptance that this was what her life was going to be now.

It was really too bad then, that in her dreams, she was able to run, sprint even, in the opposite direction. It only made it that much harder when she awoke to her current reality.

Bright light, shaded red behind her eyelids flooded the room. The sound of curtains being ripped aside on metal hooks filled her ears, beating against the tiny drum inside and reverberating out. It was that clattering, accompanying the shatter of light that brought her bursting into consciousness.

She hated mornings. That hadn’t changed. Out of everything that had shifted around her, she tried her hardest to retain some sense of herself. It was a surprisingly easy thing to accomplish. She thanked her much lamented stubbornness for that. She had a feeling that even Tenzin would be cheering her on.

“Your bath is ready, milady,” the dark haired woman murmured, trying her best to sound unafraid.

“Ugh,” Korra groaned, turning her face into her pillow and curling in on herself.

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Fic: Political 2 and 3/?

A/N: Posting these two chapters together here since they are both kind of short. If you would rather read this at ff.net it is here

Rating: M overall these two chapters are T

Pairing: Future Korroh

Warnings: Rushed because I’m having fun and screw it, why not?

Chapter 1 


Sometimes we find our destiny and other times, our destiny finds us,” Katara had said, reassuringly, when she had stopped off at the Southern Water Tribe to let her parents and the Order know of her decision.

Somehow Korra could find no comfort in the words. She had believed that she would find her destiny in Republic City. She had allowed her gut instincts to lead her to a boy with black hair and ember eyes. Knowing that he was meant to be hers; knowing it with the certainty and streak of confidence that lined all of her early, youthful, decisions.

She missed that girl, now. The girl who at three knew that she was the Avatar. Who was unafraid of any of the opponents thrown her way by the Order at the compound. Who was unafraid to seize her fate in the palms of her hands. Who ran away at seventeen, to find her destiny, with only her Polar Bear Dog for company.

The girl who met a boy and made him hers.

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Fic: Political 1/?

A/N: I just wanted to write something that would excite strong emotion. Let me know if I’ve succeeded! 

Pairing: Makorra (future chapters to be Korroh)

Rating: M - smut in the first chapter, dayum.

“Please don’t hate me,” her voice was like a bell, sweet and ringing. It was a familiar song that had once made him feel so alight with happiness and that now, given their situation, made him feel as though his heart had turned to ash.

His responding laugh was harsh and cold. Empty.

“Hate you? You’re breaking my heart and you’re afraid that I’m going to hate you?”

“I don’t have a choice—-“

“You always have a choice,” he barked out, fire flaring behind his eyes and smoke sizzling from his skin.

“You know that’s not true,” she replied solemnly.

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I’m thinking about continuing Bestial. I didn’t expect it to get such a nice response and now that it has I wish I had been able to spend more time on it to get it just the way I wanted it. But like Korra, I can be horribly impatient.

I’d love to write some more revolving around Mako, Korra, and Amon. Fleshing out the person Korra has become after being so hurt and making Amon into an awesome Batman-style villian. Yeah. I might just have to write it.

The only problem is that I have so many other ideas that fight for my attention. I get an urge to write something and I’ll spontaneously start writing it. I have so many half-finished fics in my writting folder. Its kind of redic.

But mostly I just want to thank all my readers and followers for sticking with me and encouraging me as I find a writing style that I feel comfortable with. I love you all!

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Fic: Bestial

A/N:This story got away from me a bit, it became much longer than I meant it to. The theme was manipulation and the duality of Korra/Avatar and Amon/Noatak. I’m a bit disappointed with it but at least there is SMUT! Could be cannon compliant if you squint really hard.

Description:  The truth never occurred to her. The signs had been so easy to ignore. The hints had been so miniscule, especially given the fact that she didn’t want to see the truth. Didn’t want to know what had been staring her in the face, peering at her from the shadows.

Manipulative blue eyes laughing behind the safety of a mask.

 Pairing: Amorra/Noarra

Rating: Hard M

Warnings: I’d put Korra at almost 18 in this story so be aware that there is sex with a person of under 18 here. Consensual with a bit of dub-con later. Angst. Manipulation.


“If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me

I held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free

Screaming in the dark, I howl when we’re apart

drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart” –Howl by Florence and the Machine

The Beauty is a Beast


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Well..Ok. Probably not what you were looking for but TROLOLOLOL. I’m in the middle of writing some semi-dark Amorra and needed a fluff break.

 A/N: Inspired by Rory and the Doctor’s exchange after Rory and Amy’s wedding in the episode “The Big Bang”.

Uhm…Wedding fluff drabble? Really? I didn’t know I had it in me.


He had seen her hair done like this before, years ago. Tiny white blossoms woven carefully into the strands by little fingers, stems tied together like a garland and petals peeking out from between the gaps in her braid.

The fingers were longer now. Jinora and Ikki had gotten older, as they all had, but their work in her hair still left him breathless.

It was cliché to say that she looked like an angel—And if he told her, she would have only laughed at him. Maybe even water bended him into a wall.

But she did. She looked like an angel.

Her hair was carefully woven into an intricate braid that fell to her right shoulder, hanging over her collar bone. Two loops of hair fell lightly over her brow, in traditional Water Tribe style, and flowers, varying in size from the smallest cherry blossom to large hydrangea circled her crown and then trickled down into the plait of hair by her neck. It created a veil of white petals standing out against umber skin and dark auburn hair.

Her eyes were the most electric blue that he had ever seen. Like melting icecaps, opalescent and clear. He was glad that she hadn’t covered them in makeup for the occasion. It wouldn’t have suited her. Her face was bare, free of any cosmetic touches. A natural blush tinged her cheeks and her lips looked glossy and pink. She was beautiful.

The dress, as he would be remiss if he didn’t notice the object of so much fuss for the last few months was simple and plain. It was a mix of blue and white sari silk and chiffon. Lightly patterned, and just brushing the tops of her feet. It had a high neckline, typical of a cheongsam, all done in the most delicate spider-web of lace.

But it was the betrothal necklace, hanging around her throat that really caught his attention. He had spent weeks creating it. Using his fire-bending to burn the design into the medallion.

She was back lit, sunlight spilling into the gazebo and creating a halo of light around her. He’d never felt more lucky in his entire life.

“Congrats Mr. Avatar,” Bolin teased, clapping a hand over his shoulder after the ceremony.

“Don’t call me that, that’s not how it works,” he frowned at his younger brother.

The shorter man only laughed, “Yeah, it is,” he said before moving to encircle Korra in his arms in a joyful embrace.

Yeah, it is. He agreed as he watched his new wife and younger brother chatting happily.

He would hereafter be known as the Mr. Avatar to her Mrs., and really. He was fine with that.

It would only be the truth, he belonged to her. Had for years, only now they were official. Now they had a piece of parchment declaring it so.

Korra came over to him, her head resting lightly on his shoulder and Mako smiled at her, his face softening.

A sudden shutter of light left him blinking and he groaned. He could almost see the papers now. Mr. and Mrs. Avatar!

She giggled up at him, tapping his nose with a finger.

“You’re scowling.”

“On my wedding day?” his eyebrows rose in mock-indignation.

“How gauche!” she gasped, her eyes twinkling, and he wanted nothing more than to kiss her breathless.

“You must be rubbing off on me.”

“Now why does that sound dirty coming from your lips, Mr. Avatar?”

“Is everyone calling me that now?”

“’Fraid so,” she bit her lip to contain her laughter and he could feel every line of tension flow from his body.

The papers and the people could call him whatever they liked. Mr. Avatar was actually one of the nicer things he had been called in his twenty-four years. It resonated, too.

—Because he was nothing without her. He had admitted all those years ago that he couldn’t imagine his life without her, but it was more than that. It always took him a while to catch up, and she waited patiently for him to realize the extent of his feelings.

He had finally reached the finish line, he had caught up, and his greatest realization was this:

His heart could grow and change exponentially. That she had filled up every recess of that beating muscle and then pushed and shoved until he had no choice but to expand to allow more love for her in.

It grew every day; and as he gazed at her now, on their wedding day, he could swear that he could feel it swelling in his chest. His wife.


A/N: I like to imagine Tahno spiking the punch and Rohan and Meelo fart bending while Jinora and Ikki try to calm them down.

Jinora and Ikki would make an epic scrap book and show it off to their children and grandchildren. Ikki would of course embellish the tale of Makorra’s love with rainbows and moonbeam punch. Iroh and Bumi would get ridiculously drunk and sing old sea faring songs and Asami would just roll her eyes, figuring that she could still get out her old equalist glove if they got too rowdy. Tenzin would try to escape but Katara and Pema would force him to stay and suffer.

Bolin would be a horrible dancer. Lin would be greatly relaxed and happy. Senna and Tonraq would be perfection.  

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Ficlet: One Last Lesson
eeeeeep. more tenorra please? :)
Damnit, Anon! Look what you made me do, I Tenorra’d all over the damned place! Hope you enjoy!

One Last Lesson

Pairing: Tenzin/Korra (Yes, I know *guilty pout*)

Rating: M


There was something in the way she moved. He had trained countless acolytes in the air-bending katas, taught his own children and his wife how to obey the current of wind and let it inspire their movements. To be the leaf. Effortless effort- Wu Wei. Existing without trying to exist, just being. Like breath, an unconscious fulfillment of need.

Every student brought their own strengths and weaknesses to the katas. Every student moved differently. Some tread softly, gracefully. Mildly like Pema or Jinora, just the barest of zephyrs. Others, like Meelo, were loud in their movements, a gust instead of a breeze. A blast of power, the violent side of air.

Korra—Well, Korra moved like a storm cloud on a lazy day. Soft but strong. Her steps were elegant and alluring with just the slightest hint of menace and determination affirming her toughness. Her tenacity and power were tangible in every manipulation of air.

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Fic: Fire Warm

A/N: this fic started out as a word-doodle with no direction that I would add to every few days. As my mood changed day-to-day so did the tone of the fic. The result is kind of a mish-mosh but maybe some Makorrians will like it (: 


Rating: light M

Fire warm.

When he’s close to her she feels as though she is back home, cuddled around the hearth, waves of warmth spilling over her skin until she feels flushed. As a girl she always had a pattern of getting too close to the flames, until her skin was as red as the embers and she had to move away to seek some relief. Then, when the heat had seeped from her skin and her cheeks had returned to normal temperature, she would return, moving closer to the grate. Craving the warmth even if it occasionally became too much. Even if it sometimes burned.

Burned her like he did.

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AU. It is the duty of the Oracle of Air to receive the words of the divine and deliver them in prophesies. After the Equalist takeover of Republic City, she is kept prisoner in the caverns underneath her home and forced to prophesize their way to victory, but what she uncovers in rituals and meditation is more horrible than anyone could ever have imagined and she must protect the information from both sides of the war, in any way she can.

Trying something a bit different with this one, AU Multi-chaptered fic.

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Fic: Silent Invitation
you need more makorralin! <3 <3
You are so right! Here it is, just a quickie

Pairing: Makorralin. Mako/Korra/Bolin

Rating: M

Warnings: Voyeurism, PWP, Lemon

He was awake again, staring at the play of light from the moon as it filtered in from his window. His breathing was even and steady, a hand draped over his chest as he lay on his bed in the Boy’s dorms. One foot was hanging over the edge, his toes dragging along the floor.

If he admitted it to himself, it was the anticipation that kept him awake. But he didn’t really like to think about it all that deeply. If he did then he would have to face his actions. Face the truth of his desires, and he wasn’t quite ready to do that yet.

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Fic: Motivations and Brooding

Rating: K+/T 

Pairing: Makorra

Description: Mako broods. (best description ever, right?) Inspired by the “Noble Hobo” clip for episode 1.11 and by all the recent hate for Mako. 

Random fact: Gommu has been one of my favorite characters since episode one. I am so excited to see this BAMF coming back into play in the finale. Former United Forces telegraph operator turned vagabond? Yes, please.

Notes: I’m not sure that I did this the justice that I wanted to but I hope that some of you will enjoy! Follows canon up until episode 10 and into the “Noble Hobo” clip of ep 11.


They sat around a large wooden table as Gommu handed them their food. The vagabond spoke about life down here, under the city streets, and Mako felt a small twinge of pride. For as much destruction as the Equalists and triads had created, this unity had also come as a result. People coming together to help each other and, as Gommu had said, “Live in harmony.”

Things had changed. It was already a vastly different world than the one he and his brother had found themselves thrown into, forced to care for themselves at such a young age. Some things had changed for the better, many others for the worse.

Mako watched Asami as she took a tentative sip of Gommu’s street gruel. Her skin immediately colored, becoming a mottled pea green before she indiscreetly spit the food back into the bowl and set it aside, untouched.

He frowned.

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Fic: Escape Strategy

This was supposed to only be a part of my Porny Drabble multi-pairing Series but uhm…Iroh just wasnt having that I’m afraid.

Set just after 1.10 when Iroh made his first appearance, so I have no knowledge of his characterization or anything else but I just HAD TO, OK?!

RATED: M, Lemon, PWP

PAIRING: Korra/Iroh II


She awoke quickly, embarrassment settling into her skin. The intensity of her flush seemed to burn her more deeply than the twinge between her thighs. Why did I stay? She sat up in a hurried rush of cotton, pulling the sheets up to cover her breasts as she searched the floor for her clothing.

“Where are you going?” his voice came lazily from the other side of the bed, still thick with sleep and languid with the exhaustion of their earlier activities.

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